About Yamashiro Onsen

Yamashiro Onsen is one of the largest hot spring resorts in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture, an area in the Hokuriku region facing the Sea of Japan.
Yamashiro Onsen has a history of over 1,300 years and has retained much of the traditional culture. The “soyu” (public bathhouses) in the town center of the area called “Yunogawa” was built in the Edo period (1603-1867). “Ko-soyu,” also in Yunogawa, is a reproduction of a century-old soyu. The region is also the home of world-renowned Kutani-yaki (Kutani ware porcelain) of which fine examples are exhibited in the museum. The old ryokans with red latticework and the traditional houses give the area its authentic feel of historical Japan with an artistic atmosphere.

About Kosoyu public bathhouse

Lady Kaga Awaits You

In addition to the splendid hot springs and local history, Yamashiro Onsen boasts the hospitality of “Lady Kaga,” a group of women from Kaga (present-day Ishikawa Prefecture). The Ladies of Kaga can be seen awaiting your visit at many of the hotels.


Dipping into the three onsen towns of Yamanaka, Yamashiro and Katayamazu

Kaga no Kuni Gran Cab

Kaga no Kuni Gran CabThe Kaga area has prospered since ancient times as a tourist destination conveniently accessible from the Kansai area. The area is situated amidst abundant nature at the foot of Mt. Hakusan, which is worshipped by locals as a sacred mountain. and boasts a plentiful not springs. “Kaga no Kuni Gran Cab” service by Daiichi Kotsu will help you fully enjoy the attractions of the Kaga area; the seafood of the Japan Sea and other local specialty foods, traditional crafts and many others.

Kaga no Kuni Gran Cab